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Nr. 538 - Machining: Potential has not yet been exhausted

If you think that there is not much more to get from machining you are wrong. Even in this technology, which has been perfected down to the last...


Nr. 537 - We measure everything by the same standards for almost 40 years

Just because the conversion from analogue to digital took place years ago for industrial measuring instruments does not mean that the instruments...


Nr. 536 - Intralogistics 4.0 takes care of it all

Why is this order delayed? Why are these parts still sitting by this machine? These everyday situations will be familiar to you. And it's no wonder,...


Nr. 535, may 2019 - Our SmartFactory at PRODEX19

A few months after launching our SmartFactory in Urdorf, we were able to confirm what we have known all along: there is no better way to communicate...


Nr. 534, April 2019 - WorldSkills Kazan: Only the best for young Swiss professionals

There is a tradition that Brütsch/Rüegger Tools provides the best candidates for the Skills Championships with the best tools and equipment, for...


Nr. 533, March 2019 - Our SmartFactory – Your Industry 4.0 training centre

The term Industry 4.0 has given rise to countless articles, essays and lectures with flashy slides. In this form, it may seem a highly theoretical...


Nr. 532, February 2019 - Services for standard parts and technical components

The service offensive from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools under the headline "Tools. Next Level." is proving fruitful across all product groups. We are...


Nr. 531, January 2019 - We tailor your safety landscape to your needs

Enhanced safety at work does not just mean protecting employees, but also increased productivity.


Nr. 530, Dezember 2018 - Was? Sie machen auch Export? Gut, dass ich das weiss ...

«Tue Gutes und sprich darüber» lautet ein Lehrsatz der Public Relations. Vielleicht haben wir von Brütsch/Rüegger Tools nicht genug von unserer...


Nr. 529, November 2018 - Go Lean! Wie Sie jetzt das Eintrittsticket für Industrie 4.0 lösen

Auch wenn es im Moment rund läuft: Der starke Franken wird eine Herausforderung für exportorientierte Unternehmen bleiben.


Nr. 525, Mai 2018 - F1: Knochenarbeit für Zehntelsekunden im Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team-Rennstall

Jörg Zander, Technischer Direktor des Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Teams, hat uns einen Einblick in den betrieblichen Alltag hinter der glitzernden Kulisse...


Nr. 524, April 2018 - APPLITEC – die Erfolgsgeschichte zwischen Moutier und Urdorf

In der Westschweizer-Décolletage-Szene sind die hochwertigen APPLITEC-Werkzeuge für das Drehen kleinster Werkstücke schon lange ein Begriff. Wie viele...