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Swiss tool partner number 1 thanks to superior quality, experience, expertise and a unique logistics infrastructure.

Anyone who enters our logistics centre in Urdorf is immediately impressed: The typical green transport containers are transported on conveyor belts through the enormous rooms in next to no time. The adjoining tool warehouse is partially automated and one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe. Every day, experienced specialists ensure that many thousands of tools and all the operating and maintenance equipment a typical manufacturer needs arrive promptly at our customers' premises.

Our expertise — for your benefit

We can offer you much more than "just" tools: Using our tried-and-tested expertise and keeping an eye on the bigger picture, we optimise your workflows, production and assembly processes and storage systems. We identify and minimise processes that do not add value and reduce your process costs. Optimised for Swiss SMEs, our software solutions help you achieve greater transparency, control and production capacity — without having to make new investments. Altogether this means: "Tools. Next level". Discover our comprehensive service portfolio — for your benefit.

Fast and reliable deliveries

Speed and accuracy are more than "nice to have" for us — they are part of our corporate DNA. Our customers know that they don't have to worry about tool issues, trusting us to assist them with any questions they have. It is precisely this promise that we honour each and every day. A truly comprehensive product range, a proven multi-brand strategy, and capacity and security of supply that are unique on the market form the basis of the typical Brütsch/Rüegger service.

Experienced specialists ensure that the many thousands of tools a typical manufacturer needs arrive promptly at our customers' premises.

A history of innovation

We have been working in the tool trade for almost 150 years. During this time, we have created a range with a wide array of brands that comprises around 300,000 items. Our customers always have a good choice and always find precisely the tools they need and prefer. This range is complemented by our own brands such as the premium brand FUTURO or NERIOX, the brand for an attractive price-performance ratio. Companies of all sizes and in all sectors will find the right solution for them. What's more, the fact that most tools are delivered the very next day meets contemporary needs for greater flexibility and agility. We may be a traditional company, but we always move with the times.

Brütsch/Rüegger offers a comprehensive product range and a proven multi-brand strategy combined with unique capacity and security of supply.

Moreover, not only are we our customers' first choice in terms of security of supply, but we also help our customers to procure, manage and use their tools on-site. This is where our specialists' industry expertise comes into play: Our experts can help companies to directly achieve goals such as optimising their machining processes, assembly procedure or measuring tasks. We are also on hand to help with digitalising production and/or in-house processes using "made in Switzerland" software that we have developed ourselves. We can advise companies on matters relating to lean management too. Like all of our products and services, this offer is aimed squarely at making our customers' processes better, more efficient and consequently more cost-effective.

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