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In manufacturing, the smallest details can make processes more or less efficient.

Today, manufacturing companies face a variety of challenges. They are particularly concerned about rising raw material prices and employee costs. However, supply bottlenecks also contribute to the fact that Swiss SMEs currently face enormous pressure. "Consequently, we have noticed that in many companies, every franc counts at present," say Stiven Andrijanic, Application Engineer, and Carlo Ariu, Production Technology Application Specialist Team Leader at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. Their task is to support concerned companies in this difficult market environment. To that end, they help these companies track their production more efficiently and save substantial costs — free of charge.

But how do Brütsch/Rüegger Tools help companies advance in specific terms? Stiven Andrijanic and Carlo Ariu attach great importance to finding individual solutions for each customer's company. Direct customer contact is essential to be able to properly analyse the difficulties businesses may face and then tackle them optimally. Customers often call directly and describe their various problems. "So, it becomes very specific very quickly," explains Carlo Ariu. For example, there are companies that have to deal with machine downtimes that last too long or the voltage of individual parts not working properly. 

Help and support directly on site

The application specialists in our field service at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools are experienced professionals with mechanical training and many years of experience. They are able to work together with employees at customer businesses to optimise their machinery. It is part of their job to assess not only new trends and products on the market, but best practices and tools too. They have also gathered valuable knowledge from numerous technical experiments. We invite you to benefit from the expertise of our application specialists. Request your application specialist today at:


[Translate to English:] Application Engineer Stiven Andrijanic helps customers to make the most of their full manufacturing potential.

Three steps to optimisation

The optimisation process through Brütsch/Rüegger Tools always begins with an extensive analysis of the actual situation on site to identify the current challenges and weaknesses. In the second step, the customer's program structures are analysed using hyperMILL software or Mastercam software in order to understand the production process. This includes checking whether the correct tools are being used properly and whether the program in use could be improved. 

During the implementation phase, the optimisation strategy is then put to the test. "If the part to be manufactured is not too large, we mill the first sample parts ourselves on our machines," says Stiven Andrijanic. Otherwise, a simulation will be carried out for the customer on site in order to show the potential time savings.

Once optimisation has been completed successfully, an appointment will be made to implement the new processes on the customer's machines. A final dossier will provide an overview of the productivity gains achieved and the savings realised in Swiss francs — and these savings may be huge: Optimised production processes can lead to savings of tens of thousands of Swiss francs. Using this bespoke approach, the application engineers at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools help companies in the manufacturing industry to assert themselves in a challenging market environment and enhance their competitiveness through significant increases in productivity.

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