A friendly face for customers

Because the first impression is the most important

Speed, precision and simplicity. These are the defining features of the ordering process at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. But even in this age of automation and digitalisation, one thing is still indispensable: the personal touch. The internal sales department at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools demonstrates how important contact with customers is — not just through webshops and order forms but also, for example, by telephone. The voice of sales advisor Celina Sevilleja is one of the first that customers hear when they call the sales department at the company headquarters in Urdorf.

"I then advise customers on all of our main topics and product areas, from all kinds of small tools to assembly and measurement equipment, standard parts and personal protective equipment"

– Celina Sevilleja

Face to face is still best

Most Brütsch/Rüegger Tools customers have a precise idea of which services they want to use. But when it comes to getting more information or making a specific request, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. That's why, despite its high level of digitalisation, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools still relies on advisors, especially in departments like sales. And, of course, it is equally crucial that visitors are greeted at the company's reception by people who are the very embodiment of the company's welcoming culture. So whatever questions and concerns you may have, whether you come to us in person or contact us by email or phone, our experienced and friendly experts are looking forward to welcoming you. We would like to introduce you to two of them today.

Celina Sevilleja corresponds with private and corporate Brütsch/Rüegger Tools customers both by email and by telephone. She absolutely cherishes her daily conversations with a wide range of people. Her duties also include making initial contact with potential new customers, especially in the construction and trade sectors. "I enjoy my work enormously and I like being one of the first points of contact for our customers." Most people are very positive on the phone and she rarely hears from people in a bad mood. "And if they are, I try my best to raise their spirits with a pleasant conversation." The excellent multilingual team in the internal sales department plays an important role. It consists of a total of 14 people who are responsible for entering orders and monitoring the telephones. Celina Sevilleja has been an integral part of the Brütsch/Rüegger Tools family since she completed her commercial apprenticeship. Her enthusiasm for the company as well as her profession is obvious. And customers notice it straight away.

A warm welcome for customers

Susanne Eberhard is also skilled at dealing with people. She gets to use this skill every day as she is part of the Administration & Reception team, making her the first point of contact for visitors to the Brütsch/Rüegger headquarters.

"And of course, our entire team is very careful to make everyone feel welcome"

– Susanne Eberhard

As the first point of contact, her aim is to identify the needs of the visitors and then direct them to the correct department — or to take the visitors to one of the meeting rooms. "Naturally, we take great care to ensure that people always feel comfortable," explains Susanne Eberhard. Her open and customer-focused nature is as much an advantage for her as her experience in the tourism industry.

However, Susanne Eberhard and her colleagues play a key role not only on the customer-facing side of Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, but also behind the scenes of the company: In addition to manning the telephones, handling calls (of course also in French, German and also partly in Italian) and greeting customers, they also deal with emails and various internal inquiries. They swap duties once a day to ensure that they can maintain full concentration over the entire day.

"This provides variety, keeps us on our toes and avoids duplicating work.” This is also important because, among other things, Susanne Eberhard and her team are responsible for various electrical systems on the company's premises. If, for example, an emergency door is accidentally opened, they find out what is happening immediately and deactivate the false alarm if necessary. However, if a fire has actually started and evacuation is necessary, the reception team is responsible for making sure that everyone follows the emergency plan.

The fact that the reception team regularly receives compliments for their good work and friendly manner is just one of many motivating factors for Susanne Eberhard. As a former tourism expert, she is always happy to help organise company events. "Organising these events is easy and fun for me," she says with a grin. Her passion for her work is palpable.

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