Because accuracy is essential

Peter Senn (right) knows all about measuring devices and uses this expertise to the benefit of customers.

What do companies in the watchmaking, medical technology and metalworking industries have in common? That's right — they all need to ensure a very high level of precision in their day-to-day work. "That is why we support all of our customers across all of their applications — not just with length measurements, but also with measurements of roundness/shape, torque, force, mass, pressure, temperature/humidity, hardness, layer thickness, time etc.", explains Peter Senn, measurement technology specialist at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. But how exactly is this done? When selecting the best measuring tool, it is essential to consider the tolerance that the customer is looking to adhere to when using it.

"Among others, we support companies in the metal industry who have to manufacture their products to the micrometre (µm)", explains Senn. To put this into perspective, one micrometre equals one thousandth of a millimetre. As a comparison, the average human hair has a diameter of about 0.05 to 0.08 millimetres. "We are talking about an enormously high level of accuracy here, which requires equally advanced measurement technology".

Accuracy and technical expertise are characteristic of the Measurement Technology department at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools: In combination with the broad and in-depth range of products, its specialists offer solutions for various customer applications — from physical and optical measuring devices to horizontal and vertical measuring tools and complex 3D coordinate measuring devices. Thanks to agile logistics, fast delivery is guaranteed.

NB: At the Brütsch/Rüegger Tools showroom in Urdorf, Zürich, you can see these modern measuring devices for yourself.

Tailored to your needs

Peter Senn and the Measurement Technology team believe that it is important to offer targeted advice to customers based on an exact analysis of their needs. "After all, it is no use to a company if we offer an oversized or undersized measuring tool as a solution to their problem", explains the specialist. To get a good idea of a company's measurement requirements, Senn often visits to the customer on site. In fact, he had just come directly from a customer visit in Fribourg to talk for this edition of ToolNews. In addition to maintaining close contact with customers, support beyond purchasing also forms part of the service philosophy at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools: "We are always available to support companies after their purchase".

Marco Sutter, a service technician in the field of measurement technology, is responsible for this support. "My role consists of two fundamental aspects", he explains. On the one hand, Marco Sutter carries out scheduled, regular maintenance work and re-calibrations at customer sites. "Depending on the industry and its range of applications, a measuring device must be checked and adjusted once a year or every few years", he says. On the other hand, he is on hand in the event that a device unexpectedly fails its service or there is another problem with it during operation. "In most cases, these are small matters, such as a defective battery or a malfunction in the display electronics". This can be resolved quickly and easily. If a case takes more time, the customer is provided with a replacement device.  

The future is digital

Of course, digitalisation does not stop at measurement technology either: "Digitalisation paves the way for even more accurate devices as well as a consistent computer connection", explains Peter Senn. This in turn creates entirely new opportunities in the field of data management. For example, a medical technology company was able to accelerate its processes by around 30 percent thanks to the introduction of a new digital measurement solution. "We at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools are problem solvers for our customers", emphasises Peter Senn. This is why, in the future, we will do as much as possible to ensure that companies can benefit from the new opportunities offered by digital technology — providing this is in line with their needs, of course.

If a measuring device needs to be readjusted, Marco Sutter is on hand.

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