KLINK — suspension consoles for maximum flexibility

Modular system for organising and clearly arranging workplaces in production environments

People who are responsible for production are confronted with many problems every day, both big and small. One issue that is increasingly recognised as a weak point when it comes to organisation is the storage of tools and other work equipment in the workplace. 

A lack of storage systems is often the cause of a whole range of problems in workshops and other production environments.

On top of that, production often involves complex and time-critical processes. These require tools to be retrieved and stored in a systematic manner — in the right place, at the right time.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Efficiency: Helps identify unnecessary elements and improve space utilisation.
  • Quality: Helps identify and avoid quality risks at an early stage.
  • Safety and reliability: Helps avoid accidents at work and make processes reproducible.
  • Public image: Leaves a professional impression that will delight customers.
  • For employees: Helps arrange equipment clearly and promote ergonomics in the workplace.

Problems due to a lack of storage systems

KLINK — the suspension console for organisation and maximum flexibility

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has a solution for these problems: the KLINK system. 

"The modular suspension consoles make it easy to clearly organise workplaces, offering maximum flexibility in the storage of tools and other work equipment", explains Andreas Trefz, Head of the Assembly Technology Department at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. 

"KLINK supports lean management systems and uses the 5S method to ensure tidy, well-organised and efficient workplaces."

Would you like to learn more about the 5S method for optimising workplaces and spaces? Here, you can read more about how to take organisation, cleanliness and standardisation to a new level. 

In our practical workshop "5S & Visual Management", we will provide you with the necessary knowledge in detail. Register here ❯ (only available in German)


Modular consoles eliminate clutter around the workplace

A solution to many problems

KLINK tangibly improves the organisation of workplaces, with many practical detailed solutions. The result is an efficient and cost-saving organisation system for retrieving and storing tools in immediate proximity to where they are used, which brings many advantages.

With the KLINK system, existing surfaces and spaces are used flexibly and optimally. The system consists of rails, profiles and consoles, which can be individually configured to meet specific requirements in a wide variety of production environments. This means that small parts, tools and other equipment required for the work process are available exactly where they are needed.

A flexible suspension system means that tools are readily available wherever they are needed

Flexible and robust system

The KLINK consoles are available in various sizes and come with fully mounted hanging brackets. Their robust design means they can be used in production environments as a safe storage place for tools and small parts. However, they can also be used for organising papers and other items. Rather than being permanently fixed in place, the consoles can be repositioned at any time to suit your needs.

Suitable profiles and rails for mounting the consoles are available in various dimensions. Where KLINK profiles are not already available, the rails can be installed wherever KLINK consoles are to be used. The rails have side panels and are supplied with mounting material.

The KLINK console system offers a wide range of options for tool storage

Shadowboards round off the tool storage solution

Shadowboards that are tailored to fit the consoles are the optimal solution for clearly organising and arranging tool storage. The shadowboards are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Customer-specific special tools can also be integrated. The customised solutions can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Alternatively, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools also offers a wide range of pre-made shadowboards equipped with premium tools. Where customised systems are not required, the standardised boards can be used to effortlessly install "Plug & Play" solutions. There are almost 30 pre-assembled boards in various sizes on offer, which can also be suitably combined with the KLINK consoles.

With an optimal layout and quick access to the required tool, shadowboards support the optimisation of work processes by reducing unproductive search times.

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Shadowboards are the ideal complement to the KLINK console system
Choose from up to 30 pre-assembled boards in various sizes that are suitable for the KLINK consoles

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