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Reliable tools and modern machines form an important basis for successful manufacturing and industrial companies. "But the expertise of employees is just as important", says Reto Gruber, Consultant Lean Management at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. As it is important to support companies from all industries and of all sizes not only as a tool supplier, but also as a provider of knowledge and training, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has been offering a variety of seminars and workshops for years. These offers provide important knowledge and are tailored to the current needs of organisations.

Please find enclosed a list of the permanent offers. There is sure to be something suitable for your company too.

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Workshop for apprentices — Fastening technology

This workshop is specifically designed to meet the needs of apprentices in the metalworking industry who still have little experience in the practical aspects of torque and reliable screw assembly. This offer is an impressive, practical session that provides fundamental information on how to use hand-operated torque tools in a way that ensures process reliability in line with the current state-of-the-art technology.

Lean intensive practical workshop

"With Lean Management, we help customers create a company culture that promotes faster processes while minimising material waste, absences and duplications. This means that the company saves time, material and therefore a lot of money", explains Reto Gruber. The workshop is aimed at companies looking to improve their production and logistics or to modify or establish a new production area. Participants will get an insight into the opportunities and requirements of a lean "SmartFactory".

LEA workplace design and ergonomics

The right posture makes things easier — literally: Setting up a workplace in an ergonomic way means that employees work more efficiently, with increased concentration, without errors and in a healthier way. This one-day workshop shows how this works and how ergonomics can even save companies money. The offer covers seven areas: administration, development, manufacturing, logistics, assembly, quality inspection and packaging. During each topic, workflows are defined and examined and optimisations are revealed.

5S and visual management — Practical workshop

Swiss industry is in demand for increasing efficiency. Good intentions are no longer enough; a clear plan for implementation is required. This workshop is therefore aimed at all companies that want to establish stable processes, efficient workplaces and a holistic way of thinking in terms of order, cleanliness and visualisation. "5S" helps to systematically improve workplaces and working areas. The focus is mainly on order, cleanliness and standardisation.

Measurement technology basic seminar

The measurement technology seminars provide basic knowledge in the area of measuring and testing industrially manufactured products at the level of self-testing. The focus is on using measuring equipment correctly. This is of high importance because process reliability and quality assurance start with every individual employee. This basic seminar is aimed at apprentices and employees who need/would like to acquire basic knowledge in dimensional measurement technology.

SMED seminar — Optimising setup times

SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) is a LEAN method that significantly reduces production downtimes through efficient, lean processes and standardised workflows. Over the course of this practical workshop, the participants will learn about methods, procedures and technical aids for reducing downtimes in order to be able to implement and apply them in their own company.

Assembly with torque wrenches

Using a torque wrench correctly requires the greatest accuracy and appropriate qualifications. This training course is tailored specifically to the needs of assembly staff. In a practical session, it provides fundamental information on how to use hand-operated torque tools in a way that ensures process reliability in line with the current state-of-the-art technology. In theoretical and practical parts, participants learn about the function of different tool technologies and how to avoid typical application errors.

Bonding and sealing in mechanical and plant engineering

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools not only offers a comprehensive range of all well-known brands of adhesives and sealants, but is also an expert in the field of bonding. This specialist seminar is for assembly staff, where experts will teach them everything they need to know about safely handling chemicals and will focus on the hazards, as well as on tools and correct use. The specialist seminar can also be held on site at the customers' premises and tailored to meet customer requirements.

Industrial screw assembly

This full-day seminar is aimed at all those who are involved directly or indirectly in screw technology. Based on currently valid (inter-)national laws, standards and guidelines, the participants will obtain solid basic knowledge about screw assembly and measurement technology, the use of appropriate tool technologies and requirements for quality monitoring. Theoretical content will be reinforced using practical exercises.

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