Behind the scenes of canned refreshments

A look inside a can seamer. Here, the beverage cans are "married" to the lids. (Image: Ferrum Packaging AG)

With a distinctive "pop", an ice-cold beverage can is cracked open and its refreshing contents immediately start to fizz up. Especially during the hot summer months, a cool drink from an aluminium can is sure to provide pure delight. The fact that we can enjoy a refreshing drink in this way practically anytime, anywhere in the world is thanks to Ferrum Packaging AG. With over 100 years of experience, the Swiss family-run company is the world's leading supplier of can seamers and centrifuges.

What exactly does that mean? "At our Switzerland site, we produce the machines with which popular beverage cans are 'married' and sealed with a lid", explains Mauro Cremonini, Strategic Purchaser and Deputy Purchasing Manager at Ferrum Packaging AG.

About the company

The Ferrum Group employs around 800 people worldwide, around 450 of whom work in Switzerland. The Group combines the expertise of its two subsidiaries—Ferrum Packaging AG and Ferrum Process Systems AG—which are known for their innovative products and services. The Ferrum Group has a strong economic base owing to its diverse portfolio that flows into various industries and its global presence across all continents. Ferrum Packaging AG's site in Switzerland will be strengthened with the opening of a new production facility in 2025.

The machines produced by the manufacturer are used by multinational beverage companies across the globe. And this is not surprising, as the machines from Ferrum are not only highly precise, but also extremely fast: One of their can seamers can seal 2500 beverage cans per minute.

"This makes us one of only two suppliers able to offer this production speed with such a low level of susceptibility to faults",

emphasises Mauro Cremonini. Accordingly, Ferrum Packaging AG is one of the global market leaders in its segment.

A can seamer in all its glory. The machine is able to seal thousands of aluminium cans each minute.

However, despite reaching this pole position, Ferrum Packaging AG it is not resting on its laurels. "We are constantly working to improve and exploit optimisation potential", explains the Strategic Purchaser. Therefore, a modern new building is currently being constructed at the company headquarters in Schafisheim in Aargau, Switzerland. When this has been completed in 2025, the production at Rupperswil, Switzerland, will also be relocated to Schafisheim. "This will allow us to increase the efficiency of various processes, make optimal use of resources and strengthen our corporate culture".

What really makes the corporate culture of Ferrum Packaging AG stand out? "Precision and an understanding of technology are definitely part of our DNA, but so is a team spirit that spans across departments", summarises Mauro Cremonini. The new overall site in Schafisheim will be characterised by a state-of-the-art machine fleet and offer modern coworking spaces and meeting areas. The construction project is a considerable investment worth CHF 40 million. For Ferrum Packaging AG, this is also a clear commitment to Switzerland as an industrial location: "Because our typical Swiss quality standards have made us great — and we hold on to these virtues".

It comes as no surprise that Ferrum Packaging AG does not make any compromises when it comes to tools either. "We value the long-term cooperation with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools very much, because the variety of product ranges and delivery reliability and speed exactly meet our high requirements", emphasises Cremonini. The prices are also extremely fair and long-standing Specialist Adviser Paul Reinhard is a reliable, valued contact partner.

Proven partnership: Mauro Cremonini (right) from Ferrum Packaging AG with Paul Reinhard, Customer Adviser at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools.

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