Goods Receipt paves the way for smooth logistics

At the heart of logistics: Insights into Goods Receipt at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools
In this ToolNews, we take a closer look at Goods Receipt (number 1 in the diagram). (All images: Brütsch/Rüegger Tools)

Orders that arrive through the ToolShop by 5.30 pm are shipped the next day. This prompt dispatch of all kinds of items is a key element of the quality promise that Brütsch/Rüegger Tools gives its customers. Efficient logistics forms the basis of this service: Around 40 employees ensure the process of receiving, storing and shipping the wide variety of articles runs smoothly. The first link in this high-performance logistics chain is Goods Receipt. This is where the journey of every single tool ordered by our customers starts.

The eight-person Goods Receipt team is headed by Burim Korbi. The role of these specialists is to check all deliveries carefully and move the tools to the warehouse quickly and safely. Work in Goods Receipt starts early: The first employees are on the ramp at six in the morning when the first pallet roll cages are delivered by Swiss Post. This is a special delivery from the postal service, which sets the fast pace for the daily routine in logistics.

Where it all starts

Our site in Urdorf ZH is at the heart of our logistics operations: An imposing hub that receives hundreds of thousands of tools every year, stores them and prepares them to be shipped all around the world to our customers. In this issue of ToolNews, we take a detailed look at our logistics processes, with a special focus on Goods Receipt. For those interested in the smooth and efficient flow of our ordering processes, this is the ideal opportunity to gain an exclusive insight into our logistics operations.

The special delivery from Swiss Post arrives in Urdorf at six in the morning in pallet roll cages like these.

Team leader Burim Korbi always knows what is going on within Goods Receipt.

Full concentration at all times

All consignments that arrive at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools in postal parcels (also known as postal consignments) are received with care. "Absolute concentration is required for this job," says Burim Korbi. This is because all the goods are recorded later in the Goods Receipt department. And the enormous number of items that require processing must not result in even the slightest error, as Peter Häfeli, Warehouse/Logistics Manager at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools emphasises. "This means that the Goods Receipt team must work very precisely and have first-class knowledge of our ERP and warehouse management system.” The employees scan each package, check everything is present and ensure that missing items are delivered as soon as possible. This meticulous care and system knowledge are crucial in ensuring that Brütsch/Rüegger Tools warehouse management is accurate and that incoming orders can be triggered promptly. Burim Korbi says:

"You could say that Goods Receipt is the cornerstone of the availability of our products".

However, it is not just smaller postal consignments that arrive at Goods Receipt, but also freight shipments on pallets. These represent a major logistical challenge, which requires precise control and, on occasion, rapid action. It is particularly important that any transport damage is detected immediately. In the event of damage, the goods are either not accepted or are only accepted with reservations. This process takes time — and a thick skin on the part of the Goods Receipt team. This is because drivers from forwarding companies are under a lot of time pressure and would prefer to get back on the road immediately after unloading. "But we take the time to do quality control."

Goods Receipt works on a same-day basis — a guarantee that postal consignments will be processed within 24 hours (large forwarding/freight shipments are processed within 48 hours). This ensures that the required items are made available to our customers as soon as possible. After the specialists have carefully checked each delivery note, opened each package and checked the items, the system assigns all items to the correct storage location and the tools find their way into the warehouse on our modern transport system. This is how Goods Receipt at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools works: Precise and fast — from early in the morning to the end of the day.

There is a lot to do: These packages have already been placed on transport trolleys and are now waiting to be opened and checked.

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