Nr. 549 - Medtech — digitised logistics accelerates optimisation

With a significant proportion of research and development, medical technology is one of the most important innovation drivers inSwitzerland.

Nr. 548 - Formula 1 – Hinwil is ready for the future

Fréderic Vasseur, team manager of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN, gave Brütsch/Rüegger Tools an exclusive interview during the pandemic-related season interruption.

Nr. 547 - Set rivet elements reliably

Riveting is considered one of the oldest methods of connection. Popular since the early ages of industry, the technique has continued to be employed well into the digital age.

Nr. 546 - New range for the watchmaking industry

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools launches a new complete range for the watchmaking industry. This means that the full range, which already encompasses more than 200,000 items, will be extended by more than 10,000 products.

Nr. 545 - COVID-19 — information regarding your security of supply

Dear customers,COVID-19 is presenting us all with great challenges. In view of the current situation, we would like to inform you that your security of supply is our main concern.

Nr. 544 - Screw assembly – minimise risks with little effort

It is well known that it can be dangerous for screw connections to fail. But surprisingly, people in many places, even in manufacturing, are not aware of the various causes of failure.

Nr. 543 - Tailor-made personal protective equipment as a guarantee of success

It is the duty of every company to equip its employees with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Nr. 542 - We export to (almost) anywhere in the world!

Whether in Shanghai, Chicago or Sydney; anyone who needs tools, equipment or equipment knows: with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, the delivery terms are outstanding and only minimal effort is required.

Nr. 541 - Individualised assembly – Productivity gains par excellence

Assembly technology is no exception when it comes to digitisation. Communicating assembly tools and the standardised documentation of processes and results allow complete traceability.