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Putting the polish on stainless steel
Motivation for all to see: The Högg AG team dedicates all of its energy to meeting the needs of its customers. (Image: zvg)

The beginnings of Högg AG date back to 1905 when it was founded as a small blacksmith's shop in Lichtensteig. Since then, the company has developed over the years into a leading European supplier of manufacturing engineering. The particularly great thing about the company is that although the enormous production hall at Högg AG no longer has anything in common with its modest beginnings as a blacksmith's workshop, the company is still in family hands. The fourth generation is now in charge of the company's fortunes. "Fortunately, we have always succeeded in combining tradition with modern values and in adapting to the needs of industry again and again during our long history," explains Co-CEO Stefan Kaufmann.

The manufacturing professionals

Högg AG Produktionsstechnik is a specialist supplier of sophisticated mechanical manufacturing, including engineering and system responsibility, operating throughout Europe. Högg plans and manufactures prototypes, one-off and series parts as well as complete system components for its customers. The operation involves efficient product engineering to supply customers with innovative solutions in the form of cost-effective designs and manufacturing processes. Constant reviews of the latest production technologies and materials enable Högg AG to identify and implement innovations. The company always attempts to achieve a zero-defect mentality in its services. Högg is synonymous with precision and reliability.

Expansion and specialisation

2010 marked an important turning point for Högg AG. This is when the company completed the move to its new site in Wattwil in the canton of St Gallen. This state-of-the-art production facility has been manufacturing components and workpieces of all kinds for various industries ever since — including the machine industry, the semiconductor and dental industries, medical technology and the lift industry. Today, Högg Liftsysteme is based at the original site in Lichtensteig. Meanwhile, Högg AG has also spun off its sister company, Högg simplify engineering, which employs eight engineers. "They provide us with support for system development and also play a key role in the design of production equipment," explains Kaufmann. Important synergies are also created in the automation systems, lifting technology and platform lifts sector.

Lots of space for lots of industry: A whole host of components and system solutions are produced in the modern production halls at Högg AG. (Image: zvg)

Commitment to training and technology

Högg AG stands out from the crowd due to its in-depth technical expertise. This expertise is spread among its 110 employees at the main site — ten percent of these employees are apprentices in polymechanics and production mechanics. "We are strongly committed to supporting young talent," continues the Co-CEO. Since the company not only operates as a contract manufacturer, but is also active in development and design, it is essential that the company has the specialists it needs in its in-house team. "And since the shortage of skilled workers also affects us, we are training tomorrow's professionals ourselves — we believe that is the only sustainable route.” In general, the topic of sustainability is a central concern at Högg AG — not just with regard to the environment, but also when it comes to fair treatment of customers and partners.

High-tech meets experience: Högg AG can serve a wide range of industries thanks to its modern machines and experienced workforce. (Image: Brütsch/Rüegger Tools)

Challenges and opportunities

Although the company faces various challenges such as price competition and a shortage of skilled workers, Högg AG is not dependent on a single industry thanks to its wide range of products and services. "We will continue to promote and cultivate this diversity in order to be able to be agile in the market.” This enables the company to respond quickly to customers and provide a comprehensive service.

Stefan Kaufmann sees the company's future in the continued development of vocational training and adaptation to new training standards.

"After all, we want to remain an attractive employer for skilled workers in the future.”

Thanks to the company’s good reputation and the two apprentice managers who take care of training, they are optimistic about continuing their success even in challenging times and about being able to attract the best people.

Of course, Högg AG also works with the best people in the tools sector: Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has been a tool supplier to the company for a long time, but Högg's goal of acquiring all the relevant tools from a single source in the future has deepened this relationship even further. "Because Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has its own specialists and knows us and our needs, the entire tool management process will become more efficient and easier for us, which we is very important to our company.”

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