Security meets efficiency: Our vending machine reduces the effort required for personal protective equipment material by 25%

«TwistPro» vending machine from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools reduces the cost and effort of consumables in personal protective equipment at ALUWAG

In Niederbüren in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, the company ALUWAG, comprising 120 employees, develops and produces individual and sophisticated die-casting solutions for customers all over the world, from the automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics, maritime and medical technology sectors.

Energy-intensive production processes face particularly high cost pressures — which is another reason to seek out potential savings and improve efficiency at all points in the process chain.

When it comes to C-parts management, a networked "TwistPro" vending machine in Niederbüren makes everyday work in production easier and helps to reduce costs. The system is offered and maintained by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools.

A "TwistPro" vending machine from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has been in the foundry at ALUWAG in Niederbüren since February 2022. It is filled with personal protective equipment items. These include several types of gloves in various sizes, safety goggles and ear plugs.

Sound reasons to use a «TwistPro» vending machine

  • «Open» 24 hours a day
  • Reduces ordering and shipping costs
  • Full transparency and cost control
  • Optimises available product sets based amount dispensed
  • Automatic reordering, no forms to fill out
  • Individually configured product sets

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The delivery system from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools simplifies production logistics and saves time and costs.
Thomas Bienz
Head of Purchasing/SCM

Before/After — The system makes routines simpler

«Before, the shift manager would retrieve the material from the warehouse and give it to the employees,» reports Thomas Bienz. If something was missing or anything extra was required during the shift, someone had to go back to the warehouse. This resulted in additional effort and waiting times.

Thanks to the spiral vending machine, which was installed directly in the production environment, this has changed. Around 60 employees have access to the machine via a coded and personalised badge. You can retrieve the required material yourself at any time, which reduces the workload of the shift manager.

1. Easy login with badge
2. Fast product selection via touchscreen
3. Safe dispensing
4. Desired product can be retrieved
5. Transport containers for products are available on request
6. Employees are protected around the clock

«Our employees were initially a bit uneasy, but have long since accepted the system and now see it in a positive light. Because the material is always available in the machine, fewer items need to be fetched from stock,» explains Thomas Bienz. Some of these items would be deemed unnecessary or become mislaid or lost. The bottom line is that 25% less material is being consumed compared to before.

ALUWAG sees the machine dispensing occupational health and safety material in the production area as a test for additional systems. Vending machines that dispense tools, for example, are entirely conceivable.


After a year in use, the spiral vending machine has been praised for its efficiency, cost savings and simplification of processes.
Storme Niederer
Team Leader Quality and Management Systems

Full transparency and cost control

Since dispensing is done using a personalised badge, it is possible to maintain a clear consumption history. All withdrawals are automatically and correctly assigned. The system therefore lays the foundation for optimised ordering processes and further savings potential based on data.

The furnace in the foundry designed to melt aluminium runs around the clock

Simple, individually configured installation

According to Thomas Bienz, the effort required to set up the TwistPro spiral vending machine was minimal. The machine is available in various standard versions, which can be configured according to customer requirements and also provided with an individual, company-specific design. The advantage of this vending machine is that it can be adapted to suit any requirement at any time. Individual spirals can be continuously equipped with new items.


Employees use containers to fill the furnace with material for a continuous die-casting process
Aluminium die-cast manufacturing takes place in completely automated cells
Optical inspection — gloves and safety goggles mandatory
Preparation of workpieces for further processing

A positive verdict

World market leaders rely on innovative aluminium die-casting solutions from ALUWAG

After a year in use, verdicts regarding the spiral vending machine have been consistently positive, according to Thomas Bienz. The system has been very efficient at simplifying processes, reducing the costs of consumables and increasing transparency. The ordering process has also been made easier.


In the trusted Swiss manufacturing tradition, ALUWAG supplies technology leaders in the rising trends of «mobility» and «mechanical engineering» with individual die-casting solutions, including in-house mechanical processing. With its expertise in metallurgy, engineering and manufacturing, ALUWAG has earned a leading position in the international market.

Today, the company uses the latest materials to produce technologically advanced components for world market leaders in a closed and highly efficient process chain.

Quality awareness is part of the company's own identity, which is also reflected in the pursuit of ongoing process and cost optimisation.


  • Established: 1971
  • Location: Niederbüren, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Employees: over 120
  • Turnover: CHF 35 million
  • Materials: Aluminium, primary and secondary alloys
  • System sizes: 400 to 2200 tonnes

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The workpieces are deburred via vibratory finishing or shot blasting
Maintenance of the die-casting tools is carried out as part of in-house maintenance
In post-processing, the workpieces are washed and checked for leaks
State-of-the-art systems such as this milling machine enable workpieces to be finished according to customer requirements
The in-house measuring laboratory monitors compliance with highest quality standards including documentation
Decades of experience in the fields of metallurgy, engineering and manufacturing allow ALUWAG to offer sophisticated complete aluminium die-casting solutions

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