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Assembly of electronic modules: A total of 480 people work at an ESB company.

From a local décolletage business to a medical technology exporter – the range of customers that Brütsch/Rüegger Tools supplies is as wide as its range of products offered in the ToolShop. Social institutions such as the Baselland ESB Integration Centre also benefit from a supplier that can deliver a full range of tools. This foundation fulfils contract orders for regional companies in the mechanical engineering, construction and cosmetics industries.

Around 480 young people and adults with a disability work in several production facilities. They wire, solder and assemble electronic modules, assemble cables and supply customers with ready-to-install or ready-to-ship products. The employees are supported by dedicated specialists to match their skills and needs. Two shops for second-hand fashion and a bicycle shop, including a workshop, widen the range of services provided by the ESB.

Work, Learn, Live

Baselland ESB Integration Centre is committed to helping people with disabilities develop their potential and live and work as independently as possible. Opened in 1975, the foundation provides around 480 jobs and 100 living spaces at 15 locations in the Canton of Baselland. The public contract also includes work training, reintegration programmes and leisure activities. One major section of its work is training, which also aims towards subsequent employment in the regular jobs market. The students complete training courses at different levels in different professions, for example as a specialist in business supplies, logistics or polymechanics.

Baselland Integration Centre: Reinach Site.

Short distances, personal contacts

Work is of great importance to all people with intellectual and/or psychological or physical impairment: It provides social integration, supports independence, responsibility and competence — and helps to create an organised daily structure. At the two main sites in Reinach and Liestal, ESB provides productive work opportunities in workshops that are close to a manufacturing plant in the normal jobs market. Mathias Hügli, Operations Manager at the Reinach site, explains: "We turn or mill small to medium-sized series on CNC machines using the customers' drawings. Volumes of up to 30,000 are by no means a rarity for us." The new laser machine, used to cut and label materials, is very high tech.

From manufacturing and assembly to packaging, the various businesses cover everything internally. In addition, long-standing partners appreciate the personal contact, the social commitment and the short distances involved. They have proven to be particularly useful during the pandemic.

In addition to turning and milling, the ESB also carries out welding work.

Personal protective equipment: Comprehensive Procurement

In addition to industrial assembly and packaging work, mechanical customer parts, electronic assemblies and furniture are also manufactured with an industrial design. The Basel operation also produces its own products, such as maps, candles or the traditional "Chienbäse" chips in a miniature format, which hopefully will be carried burning through the Old Town of Liestal on Fasnacht 2022.

Employee workwear plays a central role in everyday life: It creates identity, association and pride. Brütsch/Rüegger Tools supplies all ESB companies with trousers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and fleece jackets. To make them easier to identify, each of the four departments has garments in a specific colour. Cut protection and disposable gloves, safety goggles, ear plugs and safety shoes are also available from the ToolShop.

Collaboration with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

The Baselland facility has been ordering tools and equipment from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools for over 15 years. The partnership has been further intensified since 2017 for PPE procurement. Meanwhile, one third of the staff wears selected workwear from the wide multi-brand range. Mathias Hügli sums up the situation: "We appreciate the competent advice and the facility to test sample products provided by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. This enables us to evaluate the most suitable products for us efficiently." He also highlights security of supply and fair prices as positive points in the conversation. "The specialists from Urdorf have always been able to meet all our requirements."



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