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Swissmem Academy: Headquarters with organisation and training rooms in Winterthur. Other training locations include Dagmersellen, Ruggell, Emmenbrücke, Olten, Muttenz, Zollikofen, Uzwil, Lausanne and Bellinzona.

For 75 years, the Swissmem Academy has been committed to the professional training of specialists and managers in technology companies. Now is as good a time as any to report on the Education and Consulting Centre, which also works closely with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools.

This year, the Swissmem Academy will have provided around 45,000 lessons' worth of knowledge to the Swiss MEM industry. That's equivalent to five years of training in just one year! The academy, commissioned by Swissmem, operates independently and offers professionals from technology companies a practice-oriented programme. Association members in particular benefit from a range of courses and seminars at an attractive cost/benefit ratio. The qualifications range from Swissmem certificates and federal degrees in higher vocational education to CAS diplomas at universities of applied sciences.

The Swissmem Academy has a large network of qualified teachers with many years of experience and high levels of expertise. Roland Stäheli, Head of the Swissmem Academy, explains: "Our more than 80 trainers are technology-savvy, they know the industry and they understand its needs." Most of them have learnt a technical profession themselves.

Become a "Production Team Leader"

Do you want to take responsibility in one area of the value chain? The Swissmem Academy offers "Production Team Leader" training for team leaders, deputies, group managers or responsible persons in the areas of production, assembly, processing, maintenance and order processing. This course gives you optimum preparation for a management position and makes an important contribution to the performance of employees and their company.


Learning topics:

  • Use of the legal framework and handling the daily work routine
  • Responsibility in leadership
  • Application of occupational health and safety, ergonomics and health protection in your own field


Dates and course locations:

12 January 2022: sfb Bildungszentrum, Zollikofen (BE)

13 January 2022: LEA Learning Centre for Ergonomics and Workplace Design by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, Urdorf (ZH)

14 January 2022: sfb Bildungszentrum, Zollikofen (BE)

Our educational trainers speak the same language as the technology companies.
Roland Stäheli
Head of
Swissmem Academy

Perfect further development for professionals

The Swissmem Academy offers various connection solutions for professional development. Whatever stage of their career they are in, professionals in the field of leadership/management and organisation/management can acquire initial or in-depth skills in this regard.

The course programme is as diverse as the industry: Whether you're an "industrial production manager" (Advanced Qualification), a "vocational trainer in education" or a "CAS senior engineer", almost anyone can find a suitable course for their own further development. Pascal Giger, Education Manager at the Swissmem Academy, put it this way: "Our playing field ranges from the continuation of basic training to middle management."


The Swissmem Academy covers these five areas:

  • People management and communication
  • Lean management and project management
  • Innovation and product management
  • Business management and procurement, sales and service
  • Self-leadership and training
We carry out needs assessments to provide the best possible support to companies in the development of their specialists and managers.
Pascal Giger
Education Manager
Swissmem Academy

Modern learning concepts, company-specific offers

In addition, the Swissmem Academy offers training consultations with regard to personnel development and company-specific offers in four languages. These tailor-made training courses often take place at the company itself — for example, directly on the shop floor. The concept of "blended learning"—a three-phase model consisting of preparation, deepening and transfer—ensures long-term consolidation of knowledge. Combinations of introductory presentations, self-learning units, group work, role playing, short individual presentations and learning videos help to embed what has been heard and experienced in a more lasting way. All learning units aim to achieve greater effectiveness at the workplace and thus generate added value for the company.

To hone the course programme, the facilitators at Winterthur carry out regular needs assessments. Roland Stäheli adds: "We sound out companies to get to the bottom of what digitalisation or Industry 4.0 mean to them, for example, or how we can support the advancement of employees."

Collaboration with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

The Swissmem Academy uses the infrastructure of Brütsch/Rüegger Tools in Urdorf for various training courses. Reto Gruber, Lean Consultant at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools and Lean Trainer at the Swissmem Academy, heads the specialist events on Lean Management at the LEA Learning Centre for Ergonomics and Workplace Design. Since the acquisition of the LEA by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools in 2016, collaboration with the educational centre has been intensified.

One interesting thing to note: In the same year, on the occasion of the 70-year anniversary, the centre was renamed the Swissmem Academy. Founded in 1946 as the ASM Werkmeisterschule and sometimes known as the Sulzer Werkmeisterschule, the training centre was further developed between 1999 and 2016 by Otmar Wittensöldner under the name of the Swissmem Kaderschule.

You can find the educational programme here:


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