"We produce products that are implemented in clinical environments"

Ever since the company was founded, Cendres+Métaux Holding SA has focused on precision and quality.

Anyone working in the medical technology industry operates under tight constraints. "Our sector is faced with extremely intense regulations, which entail strict requirements," explains Toni Maegli. He works as a team leader in the milling department at Cendres+Métaux. These strict requirements come as no surprise: "Ultimately, many of the products we manufacture for our customers are micromechanical parts that will be implanted in a patient's head", says Maegli. Alongside contract manufacturing for customers in the medical technology industry, Cendres+Métaux also produces its own products in the field of dental prostheses. And, of course, top-quality tools are required in all business areas.


The history of Cendres+Métaux began back in 1885 as a smeltery for precious metals. Even back then, recycling processes were present and precious metals were being processed from waste. Gradually, the company started to produce alloys for the dental and jewellery industries as well as wedding rings and construction elements. From the very beginning, the Biel-based company established its specialities as being its precise working method and handling of challenging materials. Building on this, Cendres+Métaux has developed into an expert in the production of high-precision, micromechanical parts for the medical technology and luxury goods industries. Today, the company employs approximately 400 people.

It's not all about tools, processes are important too

The job of ensuring that Toni Maegli and his team always have the right tools to hand lies with Simon Jenni, responsible for strategic purchasing at Cendres+Métaux. "Security of supply is my top priority", says Jenni. The reason why companies work so closely with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools is simple: "Not only have we found their tools to be excellent, but we are also able to work in a more agile way by connecting to their supply chain". For example, at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, tool procurement is automatically organised via a digital single point of contact instead of through various suppliers, thereby saving time and money — both of which are resources that are invested in the demanding CMO business (contract manufacturing), an area where Cendres+Métaux would like to become more established in the future.

Cendres+Métaux is a contract manufacturer for customers in the medical technology industry.

Very high vertical integration

What makes Cendres+Métaux stand out in terms of medical technology production is the fact that it offers very high vertical integration. Or as Toni Maegli puts it: "We start where most other suppliers stop". The individual elements and parts can be extremely delicate — Cendres+Métaux is able to mill parts with a diameter of just half a millimetre in line with customer requirements. "Of course, work like this places high demands on the devices, processes and people in the company," stresses Maegli.

When the naked eye reaches its limit: At Cendres+Métaux, employees are experienced in producing microparts.

Digitalisation as a tool

The medical technology industry is a growth market and will continue to provide Cendres+Métaux with all kinds of exciting work in the future. "The human body is diverse and the possible applications for our precision products and microparts are almost infinite", summarises Toni Maegli. He sees potential for optimisation first and foremost in production processes: In the future, digitalisation will probably make it possible to aim for batch size one. And Simon Jenni sees a huge opportunity for designing processes with customers in a more digital way, making collaboration more consistent and efficient. The experience gained with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools will have proven to be an ideal testing ground. But despite technology and automation, the human aspect still plays a key role, he says. It is the experienced specialists and reliable partners who will help Cendres+Métaux to not just compete in the medical technology industry, but also stand out, both today and in the future.

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