CIP — "Workshop of the Future" relies on Hive Digital Suite

"AtelierDéfi" is a networked microtechnology ecosystem based on Industry 4.0 technology from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. Our digitalisation specialists took the lead role in setting up this demonstration workshop at the CIP education centre.

Didier Juillerat, Director of the Centre interrégional de perfectionnement (CIP), at the inauguration of AtelierDéfi.

It is bright, quiet and clean in AtelierDéfi, which is equipped with a plain lathe and state-of-the-art measuring devices. Dashboards, KPIs and visualised data analytics can be viewed on multiple tablets. Originally planned as a temporary exhibition, this lively Industry 4.0 demonstration workshop is attracting a lot of interest.

The "Workshop of the Future" provides an exchange, teaching and testing platform for the watch industry, medical technology, automotive suppliers and other regional manufacturing companies. Loïc Châtelain, Strategic Account Manager for the Watchmaking Industry at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, explains: "With a series of networked demo modules, the studio is a mature and inspiring 'learn-by-doing' platform for all those involved in the digitalisation of production." In this 4.0 demo workshop, microtechnicians will not only discover the latest developments in industrial connectivity, but will also benefit from advice, inspiration and hands-on training programmes designed to meet the needs of this world-class industry.

The little smart factory also counters the dirty, oily image of production with an inviting, aesthetically pleasing design. This gives teachers, pupils and parents a view of an industry showcase that promotes a new fascination for technology jobs.

Centre interrégional de perfectionnement (CIP)

The CIP in Tramelan (Canton of Bern) offers an extensive adult education programme aimed at the largest industry sector in the Bernese Jura, microtechnology. The range of courses begins with basic skills training and extends to federally recognised adult training (EBA/EFP) with a specialist certificate. Founded in 1991, the education centre has a hotel with 15 seminar rooms for groups of 6 to 200 people, in addition to departments for "Education", "Technology" and "Culture". As an independent institute, CIP has a performance mandate from the Canton of Bern and offers a wide range of events and seminars, including in the cultural sector.

The CIP Technology Institute is dedicated to practice-oriented further education, vocational training, research and development, and management consulting with a focus on machining and mechanics in microtechnology. The institute is a partner of the AFDT (Association des factories de décolletages et de taillages).


AtelierDéfi is our big opportunity to spread the image of modern technologies enhanced by digitalisation.
Didier Juillerat
Centre interrégional de perfectionnement CIP

Focus on modern workshop life

The AtelierDéfi is located at the CIP technology institute, which has been running a micromechanical workshop for 28 years, offering training courses for mechanics or specifically for the manufacture of décolletage parts and the milling of gears. These and other courses are now complemented by the special module "Défi", an inspirational highlight.

Constantly looking to the future, CIP Technology is also committed to career development and specifically tailors its range of education to the changing occupational profiles. According to Didier Juillerat, 85 percent of the microtechnology professions that will exist in 2030 are not yet defined.

CIP Technology is also a regional centre of interest that enables research and development on neutral soil with a focus on tomorrow's machining. This unique platform is intended to accrue new collaborations and develop new processing methods. The Future Workshop thus strengthens the three pillars of the Institute: Education, technology development and industry promotion.

AtelierDéfi enables regional companies to participate in the development of the new professions created by digitalisation.
Laurent Martinerie
Head of
CIP Technology Institute

Support for the digitalisation of microtechnology

As a long-standing partner in the watchmaking and medical industries, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools coordinated all the facilities and provided its own software and hardware for the construction of this microtechnology ecosystem: In addition to the toolbox system for intralogistics, the entire system architecture is based on the Hive Digital Suite with the modules Shopfloor, Inventory and Quality Control. The latest measuring instruments from QMT and Sylvac, as sold by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, are also installed. The fact that everything went smoothly is in part thanks to expert knowledge, which was also put to use in 2018 when the company's own Smart Factory was implemented at the Brütsch/Rüegger Tools site.

Baptiste Rüegg, Deputy Head of Industrial Solutions & Consultant at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, has taken over the coordination of all partner companies involved in the setup of this Industry 4.0 'shop window'. "All processes are fully integrated and flexibly expandable. This way, the workshop can always be kept up to date with the latest technological developments", explains the digitalisation expert.

Baptiste Rüegg, Deputy Head of Industrial Solutions & Consultant at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, at the presentation of AtelierDéfi: "We support microtechnology companies in the digitalisation of their processes from start to finish".

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