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Supported by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools, Tectri is pushing forwards with digitalisation at a rapid pace.

People often say that things are done differently in Jura. Relationships between companies and staff are of a very personal nature, especially in the precision machining sector. The Tectri SA website states: "Instead of a sales department, we provide you with reliable contact and development partners with the highest technical competence." This demonstrates both the company's appeal and its sustainability.

The family owned company, based in the Bernese Jura, specialises in high-tech components for medical, dental and microtechnology. Tectri has been manufacturing small components for demanding applications for over 20 years. The company makes everything from titanium screws used in back operations, miniature steel parts for microdrives used in automation to plastic parts for pumps used in medical equipment. The components are often complex, have tight tolerances and fulfil an important function.

Absolute reliability is therefore crucial for microtechnology customers. Forthis reason, the company is currently introducing the new Quality Control module for managing measuring equipment and measurement data. The brand new app is part of the Hive Digital Suite developed by Brütsch/Rüegger Tools.

Tectri SA

Founded in 1998 by Gilbert Bouduban and his son Fabien, Tectri SA has grown over the years and now employs 40 people. After a major fire in 2017 that destroyed the old site in Court (Canton of Bern, Switzerland), the family-owned and run business moved to Bévilard (Canton of Bern, Switzerland). The agile workforce was able to start delivering customer parts again just three weeks later.

Tectri specialises in the production of highly complex and precise components in small and medium-sized series. The company's core competence lies in processing hard-to-process metal materials as well as plastics. The company has been part of the Acrotec Group since 2019. Information: www.tectri.ch


In use for a number of years already: ToolBox systems from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools.

Expertise for speciality materials

The significance placed quality assurance is due to the demanding production processes. On a machine fleet consisting of around 35 high-end machines, the Bernese company processes a wide range of materials, including extremely hard or tough metals such as chromium cobalt. These include precious and highly combustible materials such as titanium or magnesium.

The type of customer parts and assemblies in question requires longer processing and assembly times. A high degree of automation is therefore used at the production facility in Bévilard (Canton of Bern, Switzerland). State-of-the-art turning machines with up to eleven axes and five-axis vertical machining centres with up to 40 different tool heads enable the production of highly complex workpieces and extremely small bore holes. Being experienced in micromechanical assembly and equipping components with electrical and electronic components, Tectri is able to fulfil all of its customers' requirements.


Rigorous quality management

The company's core competence, however, is customer-specific engineering, which makes it possible to use complicated manufacturing processes in series production. Fabien Bouduban, Managing Director, explains: "We already approach the development of prototypes in a very practice-oriented manner and we always carry out a feasibility study".

Customers in the medical technology sector are always looking for lower risks, cheaper production costs and maximum reliability. In addition, the new Medtech standards must be observed. That's why Tectri will soon document all measurement processes in a structured and detailed format. To further ensure traceability for at least ten years, the company will in future store the data from all the measurements it carries out. Jimmy Chappuis, head of the digitalisation project at Tectri SA, explains: "The normative situation requires continuous transparency throughout all quality processes."

Quality Control provides an overview of all measuring processes in the company.
Fully networked shop floor since 2016.
Light, fine and complex: An exemplary customer part.
The company's building in Bévilard (Canton of Bern, Switzerland) is also state-of-the-art.

Cooperation with Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

Eight years ago, Tectri began using ToolBox systems to provide its tool management processes with an intelligent design. For four years, the company has also been able to access its production data digitally. The Bernese manufacturer is currently implementing the new Quality Control module from the Hive Digital Suite to enable it to manage all its measuring equipment in one tool. The data available in the CAQ system will soon be of great use.

Digitalisation of quality assurance is worthwhile even with a smaller number of measurement processes. Through the visualised measurement data analysis, the process stability and developing trends in the measurement results are displayed in real time. This means that, even if the measured values are within the tolerance range, adjustments can be made at an early stage in the event of unstable results. In short: The data is available, it just needs to be used!

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