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Highly concentrated: Polymechanic Yannick Schädler trains for WorldSkills.

Using a critical eye, 21-year-old Yannick Schädler inspects the component he has just removed from the CNC milling machine. He rotates the component in all directions, runs his thumb along the edges, then nods in satisfaction. "It doesn't look all that bad," he says with a laugh. He milled the component at the Brütsch/Rüegger Tools SmartFactory as part of his training for "WorldSkills". Yannick will compete at the international skills competition in the category of CNC milling, representing his home country of Liechtenstein. He is also making use of tools from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools. Yannick learnt his trade at the traditional Liechtenstein-based company Hilti, where he will also work as a polymechanic after completing his apprenticeship. 

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has committed itself to the annually alternating "SwissSkills" and "WorldSkills" events. We are supporting the three polymechanics disciplines of automation, CNC turning and CNC milling. Through our involvement, we are showing our full support for the positive idea of using skills competitions to promote excellence, professional experience and the image of apprenticeships.

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The origin of skills competitions dates back to the period following the Second World War. The first event took place in Madrid in 1950. Since 2017, there has also been a Swiss skills competition — "SwissSkills". (Image source: SwissSkills)

At our SmartFactory, Yannick was able to train in 5-axis machining on the DMG DMU 50 competition machine. This meant that he was perfectly prepared to participate in WorldSkills.
Cedric Michel
Technical Application Specialist Production Technology
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools
Programming skills are in just as much demand as manual craftsmanship.


Learnt from the best

"From the very beginning, my learnt profession has fascinated me greatly", recalls Yannick. Even at a young age, he had a deep passion for the craft. "With CNC milling, I can now combine computer programming seamlessly with manual work." The fact that Yannick possesses a simply extraordinary talent in his chosen field of work immediately became apparent to his former supervisor: "Not only does he have a great sense for accurate milling procedures, but he also sets a high bar for himself and his work", explains Claudio Nigg. As a long-standing vocational trainer at Hilti, one of Claudio's tasks is to assess the suitability and development of young employees. It quickly became clear to him that Yannick had what it took not only to take part in the skills competition, but also to play a key role — just as Claudio himself did back in 2009.   

Continuous training, focus and advancement

Claudio Nigg took Yannick Schädler under his wing. Because only the best can compete in the international skills competition, the willingness to work hard and go that extra mile is essential. "I receive at least ten hours of training a week", explains Yannick. Fortunately, his employer Hilti allows him to train during work hours. To that end, he regularly alternates between tournament preparation and production work. This procedure has proven successful: Yannick was able to grab the European runner-up spot at "EuroSkills 2021" in Graz, Austria. He hopes for a similarly high ranking at this year's WorldSkills, which will take place for his skill group in mid-October in Leonberg, Germany. "Getting into the top ten would be great", he says. If everything runs smoothly, it might even be possible to obtain a spot in the top five. 

Under the watchful gaze of Yannick Schädler, the CNC milling machine carries out its work.

More motivation and talent from the Swiss region

Swiss lathe operator Fabian Leuenberger is also taking part in this year's "WorldSkills" in Germany, in the category of CNC turning. In 2020, he claimed the gold medal at "SwissSkills", the Swiss skills competition. "This victory was extremely important to me, of course", explains Fabian. Not only did it advance his personal development — it also provided him with valuable professional contacts and sponsorships that will be a great help in his future career. His employer, Duap AG, also provides him a great deal of support. Fabian may be confident following his victory at "SwissSkills", but this does not guarantee a good performance at the international skills competition. "In addition to talent and preparation, you also need a little bit of luck during the competition", says the 20-year-old. If luck stays on his side, achieving a medal is within the realm of possibility. "It would be great if I could give the best performance among the Europeans."

20-year-old Fabian Leuenberger wants to build on his successes in the Swiss tournament at the international skills competition. (Image source: SwissSkills)
We at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools are proud to equip the best professionals from Switzerland and Liechtenstein with our tools. We wish them all the very best of luck!
Olaf Sprich
Head Sales
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

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