Five ways to free yourself from the operating cost trap

Ready to use in just half an hour and amortised after only 12 months: the TwistPro vending machine.

Whether personal protective equipment, consumables or office supplies: The networked and versatile TwistPro vending machine makes everyday life much easier and significantly reduces your management costs.

Concentrate on your core business without letting inefficient consumables procurement processes slow you down. The solution? Get to the next level quickly with simple and cost-effective C-parts management. The efficient TwistPro vending machine constitutes only a small step in the acquisition process, but one that helps you take a big leap towards Intralogistics 4.0. The practical vending machine does more than just make a good impression — it automates a whole range of procurement processes and gives you valuable analysis data.

Tailored to you

The intralogistics experts at Brütsch/Rüegger Tools have developed the TwistPro in several standard versions that can be configured and customised to meet clients' specific requirements. It goes without saying that the vending machine can be adapted at any time and individual spirals can be continuously filled with new items. A short phone call to our support team is all it takes.

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1. Manage consumables efficiently

Whether issuing office supplies, tools, protective equipment or hygiene products, the TwistPro vending machine runs 24/7. This is essential, especially where PPE or guarding against COVID-19 is concerned, because the health of your employees is at stake. The items are as easy to replenish as they are to retrieve — conveniently using an ID badge.

The TwistPro can be easily implemented in existing badge systems or operated with a login or code.

2. Reduce your procurement costs by up to 80%

The biggest advantage of the TwistPro vending machine is that it reduces costs, especially for purchases of small quantities where the ordering and administration work exceeds the value of the goods many times over. Let's say you want to procure a screwdriver: If you do this using the TwistPro, the costs of ordering, operating and shipping are waived and you only pay 10 Swiss francs instead of 220 Swiss francs for the value of goods.

Here's an example calculation:

Cost accounting using the example of procuring a screwdriver.

Did you know that every Swiss franc invested in personal protective equipment pays off by a factor of 2.2? This "return on prevention" in occupational safety is undisputed. Read more here: Prevention pays off!


3. Benefit from transparency and cost control

Would you like to know how much material was purchased by which cost centre at what time? This data is available at any time with the TwistPro. The clear consumption and replenishment history provides an insight into all purchases, including their costs, either at the machine or from a central location.

Users can be identified by their ID badge or login details and amounts are automatically allocated to the correct cost centre. Each employee can be assigned specific retrieval rights, allowing TwistPro to provide the data needed to make decisions that unlock additional savings potential.


4. Continuously optimise your consumption

In addition to the simple, targeted optimisation of the product set, users derive a variety of benefits from the system too. For example, the TwistPro ensures compliance with minimum occupational safety standards based on the retrievals of PPE items. If someone tries to obtain inadequate personal protective equipment, the vending machine uses their linked personal profile to detect this and refuses to allow it. We call this "Employee Protection 4.0"!


5. Your flow of goods is reliable and controlled

Free yourself from tedious order forms. The TwistPro automatically places reorders, thereby preventing productivity losses or delays. You have full control over orders, withdrawals and replenishments. This makes the system secure and also helps to minimise unnecessary material wastage and waste — and thus promotes sustainability in your company.

Read about how Maag Pump Systems AG uses the TwistPro for hygiene products:

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