Personal protective equipment: Don't forget old risks

Work clothing, industrial safety and infection control: The Baselland ESB Integration Centre relies on goods from Brütsch/Rüegger Tools in its workshops. (Image: ESA)

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has always supplied a large number of certified items for infection control. Since the start of the pandemic, its range of products has been further expanded, including products available directly from stock such as disinfectants, disposable gloves, protective masks and the Covid-19 vending machine. Despite coronavirus restrictions, we have maintained our services throughout. Our customers were still able to count on our services for personalised PPE, corrective safety glasses and customised hearing protectors. In consultation with them and in compliance with safety regulations, personal shoe fittings were also carried out on site.

It is perfectly understandable that coronavirus protection measures may affect certain work processes or result in established workshop risks such as flying chips being forgotten, but this situation leads to a greater problem. Protection against machine and tool-related risks is no longer fully guaranteed. Just one example: Protective masks may result in safety glasses becoming fogged or discarded, or the glasses are forgotten because the mask itself makes employees feel protected.

Feverishly measuring, disinfecting and straightening masks sometimes causes the safety of employees to suffer. But regardless of whether there is a virus or not, classic personal protective equipment is essential in a manufacturing plant and must continue to be a top priority!

Anniversary: 15 Years of Personal Protective Equipment

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools created Product Group 5 "Personal protective equipment" 15 years ago. Since then, manufacturing companies have gradually started to include their procurement of protective goods in their tools and equipment procurement processes. Today, customers benefit from a wide range of customisable personal protective equipment, which is constantly being adapted to meet the latest trends.

A total of seven personal protective equipment specialists take care of customer services and projects as well as the development of our own brands, NERIOX and FUTURO. From telephone or on-site consultation to the production of complex clothing and safety concepts, our personal protective equipment team is happy to accept any challenge. Contact us on +41 44 736 63 55 or!

NERIOX: Your better Choice

Personal protective equipment to delight your employees does not have to be expensive. As in all product categories, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools offers alternatives for almost every brand product in this sector that are cost-effective and do not compromise safety in any respect. Our own brands, NERIOX and FUTURO, supplement the full range with quality-compliant products including a type examination certificate in accordance with PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. From foot, hand, ear, eye and respiratory protection to work clothing and skin protection (available from June), we offer a huge selection of state-of-the-art safety articles. In addition, the NERIOX and FUTURO product range is currently undergoing massive expansion. Among the new offers, you will also find great safety shoes with a casual look via the following link: 

Discover now 

Ideal for spectacle wearers: Surgical face mask with anti-fog coating and elasticated straps.
FUTURO gloves with black nitrile microfoam coating on the inner hand and fingertips.

Contemporary and needs-based

Comfortable protective clothing is as popular as protective articles designed for a digital everyday life such as our FUTURO touchscreen protective gloves. Without having to remove their gloves, machine operators can obtain information on their smartphone or check the machine capacity usage on a tablet. Five models are now available, all of which are particularly breathable and deliver excellent tactile features. The gloves are also a very good fit, are comfortable to wear and guarantee both high abrasion resistance and excellent grip.

Modern and tailor-made

We are a full-service provider, which means that excellent service is essential. From microtechnology specialists to the plant installers, many customers confirm that Brütsch/Rüegger Tools always has the competence and courtesy to respond to their most diverse needs. Our consultants are trained and always focus on people. Whether it is a question of customised items such as PPE, safety glasses or special equipment for special processes, we identify your needs and recommend the ideal products to meet them.

Have you read enough? Find out more about our services in three short videos about adapted hearing protection, individual corrective safety glasses and workwear with labelling service.
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